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A blogging we will go!

Hey you out there. Yes, you in front of the screen! Do you know about POTB – and how good it is? Don’t just take my word for it. Dive deeper and have a look for yourself: read some extracts from the latest magazine; or check out the full works from previous editions. Then if you’re really hooked, why not buy a copy?

This is our first blog: the start, we hope, of a regular and constructive conversation between all of us – readers, writers, artists, the magazine production team. Which stories, poems and artwork do (or don’t) you like. And why? Do you like the layout? Is it too expensive – remember it’s non-profit! We think POTB is the best regional literary magazine in Scotland. What do you think? Tell us how we could better.

On a personal note as a prose writer, POTB has brought me a much closer appreciation of poetry. Perhaps this is due to the magazine’s stimulating mix of mood and form: by juxtaposing prose, poetry and art, somehow each element enhances the others. That, of course, is one of the magazine’s aims; another is to be truly international in scope. Outward-looking while staying firmly rooted in the North East of Scotland, POTB provides a distinctive place for high quality art and writing – be it English, Doric or Scots – as well as for first-time and younger contributors. And to prospective contributors – what a buzz if you get selected!

Martin Walsh

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