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Issue 10

Published by Pushing Out the Boat, 2011
Issue 10 of Pushing Out the Boat, North-East Scotland’s Magazine of New Writing, was launched on Sunday 1 May 2011 at John AW Briggs in Stonehaven, and writing from it was showcased at the University of Aberdeen’s Word Festival on Saturday 14 May.

Cover: ‘Swimming in the Coral Sea’ by Tim Winters

FOREWORD by Bernard MacLaverty

‘When you have written your first works the natural thing is to look around to find a place to publish. The same applies to creating your first images — where can these things be shown? If you are lucky there will be a good magazine in your part of the country. For me growing up in Belfast it was The Honest Ulsterman and a little later New Irish Writing in the Irish Press, edited by David Marcus.

In the mid eighties I was Writer-in-Residence at Aberdeen University (more accurately Non-Writer in Residence) and the magazine there at that time was Scratchings. The quality was in the writing and not in the production. But that’s as it should be, there being no money at the time. Scratchings was a good name for it — porous paper and a couple of staples.

But things have changed. Last time I was in Old Aberdeen I was given a complimentary copy of Pushing Out the Boat — a delight to the eye and to the inner ear. For the last 10 years North-East Scotland and its writers, artists and readers have been well served if this edition was anything to go by. Beautifully produced, stylish and with writing in English and Doric (when I eventually got round to reading Sunset Song I was amazed at the power and elegance of Grassic Gibbon’s language). The editors are proud of their track record in giving a worldwide circulation to new poetry and prose which includes work in Doric.

So congratulations on the Tenth Anniversary Issue. Long may it continue.’

Bernard MacLaverty
Bernard MacLaverty was born in Belfast but now lives in Glasgow. He has published five collections of short stories (the latest is Matters of Life & Death) and four novels — Lamb, Cal, Grace Notes (short listed for the Booker Prize), and The Anatomy School. He has written versions of his fiction for other media — radio plays, television plays, screenplays and libretti. He was Writer-in-Residence in the Aberdeen University English Department in the mid 1980s and later, in 2007 to 2008, he did some creative writing teaching at AHRC Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies. He is a member of Aosdana in Ireland.


Beate Allerton
Jean Atkin
Sheena Blackhall
Kate Campbell
Joan Christie
Colette Coen
Jenny Watt Colbeck
Camille Conner
Ann Craig
Matthew B. Dexter
Mark Edwards
Mark Farrell
Rachel Fox
Maurice Gartshore
Robert Gregson
Alison M. Green
Hana Horack
Isbel Moira Keir James
Vivien Jones
Gerrard Lindley
Louis K. Lowy
Andrew McCallum
Rosa Alba Macdonald
Dolleen MacLennan
Stephen Pacitti
Kate Percival
David Pettigrew
Jane Pettigrew
Judy Pinn
Elaine Reid
Kevin Reid
Heather Reid
Gerard Rochford
Neil Russell
Max Scratchmann
Marga Schnell
Karin Slater
Calum Stewart
Sarah Ellen Taylor
Pauline Thomas
Davide Trame
Hilary de Vries
Martin Walsh
Jenny Watson
Tez Watson
Rapunzel Wizard
Tim Winters
Jonathan Wonham
Christopher Woods

Sample Pieces:

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Jean Atkin

Just-up Afternoon
Kevin Reid

What Every Islander Knows
Jonathon Wonham

Sheena Blackhall

Bloody Mary (extract)
Heather Reid

The Iguana, the Scientist
and the Hamburger

Martin Walsh