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Issue 7

Published by Pushing Out the Boat, 2008

Issue 7 of Pushing Out the Boat, North East Scotland’s own prestigious magazine of new writing and visual art was launched on 1 May 2008. The event at Aberdeen Arts Centre, which began the Wordfringe 2008 festival, featured readings by many of the contributors along with displays of artwork.

Cover: Darren Marsh

FOREWORD by Christie VanLaningham

With an impressive cohort of both new and experienced writers and artists from all walks of life, the work anthologized in Issue 7 brings together such disparate themes as the horrors of war, the subtleties of the seasons, and the shadowy boundaries between love and sex. Pieces that throb with contemporaneous angst are woven expertly with those sweetly nostalgic, creating a happy amalgam of work that will find an audience with even the most discriminating of readers. Present throughout is a strong voice, be it English, Doric, or Scots, which connect each selection with captivating characters and haunting lyricism.


Beate Allerton
Jonathan Anderson
Auld Yin
Callum Beith
Norman Bissett
Ruth Channing
Mercedes Clarasó
Mary Crenshaw
Mark Edwards
David Elder
Eleanor Fordyce
Sheena Graham-George
George Hardie
John Hargreaves
Penny Hemans
Haworth Hodgkinson
Ruth Howell
David Hutchison
Vivien Jones
Elaine Kay
Hannah Kunzlik
Douglas Kynoch
Alexander Lang
Neil Leadbeater
Irene Leake
Mary Leith
Rob A. Mackenzie
Darren Marsh
Barbara Mathie
Russell Milne
Ian Morrison
Donald S. Murray
Keith Murray
David Pettigrew
Jane Pettigrew
Steven Porter
Sheila Reid
Maureen V. Ross
Wendy de Rusett
Neil Russell
Kenneth Shand
James Sinclair
Linda Smith
Judith Taylor
Sarah Ellen Taylor
Knotbrook Taylor
Maggie Wallis
Martin Walsh
Catriona Yule

Sample Pieces:

Eleanor Fordyce

Catriona Yule

On the River Findhorn
Steven Porter

Kintail Lamb
Auld Yin

Memories of Time Gone By (extract)
Hannah Kunzlik

The Cuttin (extract)
Linda Smith

Gretna Sunrise (extract)
Vivien Jones